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■ Hokkaido venison promoting club (Sapporo consumer's Association)

"Our Principle"

The Hokkaido Ezoshika Club has established (by volunteers) to solve Ezoshika(Japanese deer)-related problems.

The number of Ezoshika has been increasing because of the disappearance of their enemies like wolves,deforestation, and other farm activities.

Furthermore, Ezoshika’s breeding coefficient is surprisingly high.

This means shortage of food for them.

It inevitably leads them to move to residential areas.

The damage brought by them has extremely affected farmers and foresters alike.

The number of railway and car accident has also been increasing.

If we don’t take appropriate actions, the situation will get worse.

Ezoshika has been considered as a harmful animal but venison is highly nutritious.

If people become interested in it and come to like it as a delicious meat, venison can be one of the signature foods in Hokkaido.

Our final goal is “a 300-gram venison consumption per person annually”.

“To accomplish our goal”

*We conduct seminars to let people know more about the increasing number of Ezoshika and its negative effects.

 In addition, we showcase how tasty venison is.

*Cooking classes will be held to make venison more popular among locals.


"Hokkaido Ezoshika Club" C/O "Sapporo Consumers Association"

Sapporo L-plaza2F, Kita8-Nishi

3-28, Kita-ku, Sapporo, 060-0808, Japan.


Club's Contact Info : Sapporo Consumer's Association


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